Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm still alive!!

Wow it's definitely been a while since i have blogged, i've read thousands of other people's blog but never bothered posting on mine, so here i am today with a few pictures of my knitting. I've made 2 bags a while back in June, they are not the best pictures but they are quite nice, the pink was gifted to my sister's for her birthday , she loved it and the other i am hoping to raffle it out at work(if they let me), along with other little things i am planning on knitting, i am taking part in the biggest loser weight loss challenge at work, and we have to raise half of our weight in funds, at my first weight-in i had lost 7.6 pounds! I was happy. I cant wait for my second weight-in to see the progress i have made.

On another happy note, i went to New Liskeard at the end of June, unfortunately we left at 3:30 pm and never got to make it to Belle Vallee's yarn (maybe next time) , but we did make it to the North Cobalt flea market and i found some great deals, 2 skeins of Bulky Lopi for .50cent each regular price 9.99each, 4 bag of Briggs and Little Country Roving at .50 regular 4.99each and 2 Sugar&Cream cotton yarn for 2/.99cents regular 2.99 each, there was nothing wrong with the wool, only thing i could see is that the paper wrapper around the Lopi and Cotton had been torn a little and the plastic bag around the roving had a hole in it! But they are in great shape! I paid 3.96 for everything, i saved myself 40$ , WOOHOOO i was a happy camper!! Well i guess this is it for now!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I had a great birthday today, my sisters brought me to lunch at Montana's and it was great. Food was tasty and beer was yummy! hehe... Here are some pictures of what i received today.

Here are the beautiful flowers my sister Lynn got me, they are gorgeous!! They smell nice too! Thanks Lynn!

Julie got me a Webkinz Hippo! I named her Hippolicious!!

The plant is from my neighbour Christine.

Thank You all for the beautiful presents!

Marc also got me something but he's waiting till tonight to suprise me with it! I wonder what it could be!! Maybe some wool!! We'll see in a little bit!!!

Have a great day everyone! Keep those needles going!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Here are some pictures of the Briggs and Little Durasport i dyed with the Dylon's dye. I really loved how they turned out. Now the fun part will be having the patience to knit a pair of socks! My yarn turn out so great that i will make time to knit some socks! BTW Marc if you read this birthday is coming up in a week....Briggs and Little Yarn undyed *cough* durasport or heritage.........*hint**hint* ....Bunch of Different colors of Dylon dye (sold at Fabricland)*hint hint* hehehe!!

I love the way this picture of my bootie came out... Click to see it better.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What i have been up too!

Here is what i have been working on the past few weeks. I havent gotten to do much with Jean-Marc's surgery and Marc's mother passing away. Hopefully things will get back to normal and i will be able to finish a few projects i have been waiting to start.

Here are a few cloths i made using the feather and fan pattern, it works up quick , and been using up all my cotton ends doing so.

A second mitt that i am knitting for my dad, he'll have to wait till next year to use them, but it's all good! I am using Patons Decor, a mix of acrylic and wool.

I've also been playing with Kool-Aid, i dye some Patons Merino Wool with some cherry and orange kool-aid, i really like the way it turn out. It will be turned into a felted bag.

I've also dyed some roving with kool-aid, it didnt turn out the way i expected but i still like it., the roving will be used for thrummed mittens which I finish a few pairs for Chrismas , but i still have lots of time for that...(quality of the color aint too great, but thats the best my camera can do)

A few hats and mitts for Mitts for Kids here in Timmins, to be distributed among schools. I used Patons Canadiana for these items.

And last but not least, my stitch markers. I really had fun making these, and will probably make more, they take a few seconds each and slide perfectly on my needles.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Felted bag and Pretty cloth

Here is a felted bag i have been working on for Moi, but it didn't turn out the way i had imagine, I should learn to follow patterns!
Here is another 4 corner dishcloth, pattern is so easy and it knits up fast!

Bag before felting

The finish Product!

4 Corner dishcloth!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What i have been working on this week!

I have been pretty busy this week with various are a few picture of what i have been up too...

My Little Princess showing the pixie hat i made ( i know it's too small for her! But it's so cuteNew dishcloth pattern i love!!! It's so easy and fast!
Hat i am working on for charity
3 of the numerous cloths i have made this week.