Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm still alive!!

Wow it's definitely been a while since i have blogged, i've read thousands of other people's blog but never bothered posting on mine, so here i am today with a few pictures of my knitting. I've made 2 bags a while back in June, they are not the best pictures but they are quite nice, the pink was gifted to my sister's for her birthday , she loved it and the other i am hoping to raffle it out at work(if they let me), along with other little things i am planning on knitting, i am taking part in the biggest loser weight loss challenge at work, and we have to raise half of our weight in funds, at my first weight-in i had lost 7.6 pounds! I was happy. I cant wait for my second weight-in to see the progress i have made.

On another happy note, i went to New Liskeard at the end of June, unfortunately we left at 3:30 pm and never got to make it to Belle Vallee's yarn (maybe next time) , but we did make it to the North Cobalt flea market and i found some great deals, 2 skeins of Bulky Lopi for .50cent each regular price 9.99each, 4 bag of Briggs and Little Country Roving at .50 regular 4.99each and 2 Sugar&Cream cotton yarn for 2/.99cents regular 2.99 each, there was nothing wrong with the wool, only thing i could see is that the paper wrapper around the Lopi and Cotton had been torn a little and the plastic bag around the roving had a hole in it! But they are in great shape! I paid 3.96 for everything, i saved myself 40$ , WOOHOOO i was a happy camper!! Well i guess this is it for now!

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